Don’t conform

The other day  I was at the mall and all about that bass came on and I did a little jig which brought about this conversation with my mom about why I was dancing in public and how Africans don’t do that. It made me think why can’t I dance when a song I like comes on I wasn’t hurting anyone in that moment I was happy and I wanted to dance .
The thing I have noticed about most Africans is that they want to put you in a neat box and if u don’t fit into that box then there most be something wrong with you. I have been called weird , intimidating and a
million other things because I have my own ideas about life , love and religion. I don’t know why I should stifle myself and my views to make you comfortable. God wouldn’t want that at least I think he wouldn’t we were created uniquely and we should all embrace what makes unique.
Do what you think is Right and true to you as a human being regardless of what anybody thinks as long you are not committing a sin or a crime then you will just fine.
So I urge all of you to live in you truth and DON’T CONFORM
Love and light xxx


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