Songs of the week

This week there are going to be two songs .
The first song is restorer by Ty Bello, I choose this song because lately I have been in a bit of a funk so I decided to listen to my gospel playlist and this song came on and I immediately burst into tears because it just reminded me of how awesome God is in my life. I am sharing this for anybody who is going through something and needs a reminder of God’s love
Restorer Ft. MOSA – SoundCloud
Listen to Restorer Ft. MOSA by tybellomusic #np on #SoundCloud
The second song is Ed Sheeran’s thinking out loud. I have heard this song lots of times but it didn’t really sink in , I heard it again on Valentine’s day and o really listened to the lyrics it is an amazing song. If I am ever in love this would be my anthem .
Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud – SoundCloud
Listen to Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud by Marcela M. #np on #SoundCloud

I hope you enjoy both songs
Love and Light xxx


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