Shows of 2015

I should have posted this at the very beginning of the year but I kept postponing but its just February so it still early days .
For any one that knows me really well then you know that I love TV maybe a little too much infact, being TV expert I am here to give my opinion on the shows I think you should watch out for in 2015.
1 Jane the virgin : This show started late 2014. Its about a virgin who gets pregnant because she was accidentally inseminated, it is based on a Venezuelan telenovela now I know this might scare some people off but its so well adapted you won’t even notice and it also pokes fun at the fact. It airs on Mondays at 9 on the cw ( for our american readers)
2 Empire: I would describe as a modern day dynasty but with a black cast. The show  is about a music mogul Lucius Lyon who finds out he is dying and decides to pick his heir and the drama that ensues. My favourite character on this show is cookie(Lucius’s ex wife) she gives me so much life. It airs Wednesday on fox at 9
3 Galavant : I haven’t actually what this show but it comes highly recommended by my bestie ( hi tomi) she described it to me as glee but set in medieval times. She is usually right about these things so you should check it out. It airs on Sundays at 8 on Abc.
  There are some other shows which started in 2014 that don’t have much following but are super awesome and you should check out they are
1 power
2 silicon valley
3 tyrant
4 how to get away with murder ( this already has a huge following but if you haven’t seen it you should).
For all you TV lovers who have any more good suggestions please Leave a comment.
Love and light xx


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