My natural hair journey

About 2 years ago when I moved to accra because I didn’t like any of the hairdressers around me I would always wait until I went to Nigeria for the holidays to retouch  my hair .
Sometime in august of 2013 someone talked to me about going natural and how since I only relaxed my hair every six months it would be easy for me to transition instead of doing the big chop and so that is what I did.
For the last 2 years all I have done is just braid my hair or put a weave in I have never really allowed it breathe and such my hair had become really damaged, so in early January when I took out my braids I promised my self I would try for 30 days just allow my hair to be and try and treat it better .
Nobody told me it would be this hard ! Its so much work , washing , conditioning and styling I am on day 14 and I am tired already. Any one that has any suggestions please leave a comment it will be greatly appreciated


Today my hair looks almost normal hence the big smile .
Love and light xx


6 thoughts on “My natural hair journey

  1. Hey Anu. Uhm I went natural last year March, transitioned for 5 months so when I cut my relaxed ends, I had a mini fro. Honestly, when I first cut my hair, I styled it for the first month and afterwards, I just left it to breathe, the I braided it in April and took the braids out in April as well. It gets tiring honestly because you don’t know what to do with your hair anymore. It’s like you’re basucally giving up, but for me, all I did was I didn’t care about the hair anymore. I still took care of it but in the sense of styling it, I was just like whatever wants to happen to the hair should happen. Anyways I started sleeping with my bandana on so that when I wake up the next morning, all I have to do is use my hands to fluff it out. The thing about natural hair is this, sometimes let it rest. Not every time style it, sometimes just let it breathe. Not heat. Do not use a blow dryer or flat iron for your hair cause it could damage not only the ends but your hair, you can use them once in a year though but not every time, get some products (argan oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, Shea butter, tea tree oil, leave-in-conditioner (for easy combing of your hair) ) then you should also wash your hair with cold water. Not necessarily everyday. This is my opinion. And if you need to see a picture of my hair rn, let me know. Here’s my number if you need any help +905338338576


  2. Hey baby girl, trust me I really understand your woes! I did my big chop about a year ago and I have had to stress through every stage of my hair. All it has taught me is patience. Its like an entire being on its own.
    I don’t use any special products however I am very parficular about the combs I use. I always start out this the widest tooth comb and work down to the smaller ones.
    Once the TWA can pack in a bun life gets easier! All patience haha!


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