Election 2015

Hi guys,
I haven’t posted in a while because, procrastination. Yes, that problem is still there. I will do better, I promise.
Hopefully everyone had an amazing week.

Alright, I want to talk about something very dear to my heart: The February 2015 Elections. Everyday we hear all sorts of horrible stories coming out of Nigeria and I wonder how we are going to get out of this mess. As much as we hope and pray things work out, it’s NOT going to happen by some magic. There’s so much we have to do and I think one of these many things is making sure that we all get our PVC’s and go out to vote. For those of us that live in Nigeria, urge your family and friends to get theirs too. Drive those you can, tell people, spread the word!!!
Nigerians out of Nigeria as well, urge friends and family to do same. This is not about a party or candidates, this is about Nigeria and what we have to do to fix what’s ours.

God bless you and God bless Nigeria.


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