Happy new year !!!

Happy new year guys!!!  May this year be one of abundant blessings for all of us.

I hope everyone had a good New Year’s day. Honestly, I never make New Year resolutions (really, I just can’t. Lol) BUT, this year I am going to make one and that is to stop procrastinating. Hopefully I follow through, if not, Lol.

Do you have any New Year’s  resolutions? If you do leave a comment and share them with me.

What was everyone up to yesterday? 
Myself and my crew (ok, just my mum and brother) went out for lunch with one of my mums closest friends. Food was great, service was meh. (I’ll discuss that in another blog post)
In all, it was an amazing time out; talking so much about our motherland. OF COURSE we didn’t leave out next months elections.

Thank you all for your support with the blog hopefully it gets bigger and better as the days go by.
Cheers to a wonderful 2015








6 thoughts on “Happy new year !!!

  1. Anu, I am so proud of you. My new years resolution is to appreciate the small things of life, to take better care of my health and most importantly to share and spread the love of CHRIST.


  2. my resolutions this year are to always count my blessings,keep my eye on the biggest picture of life ie the creator of the universe is my best friend and He is watching over me and to stay calm always


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